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Beta Endpoint

The News endpoint is still in beta and has not yet been optimized for performance. Use caution before adding this endpoint in a prodution environment.

Get news for a stock.




Request Example

Response Example

"symbol": "AAPL",
"headline": "Whoa, There! Let Apple Stock Take a Breather Before Jumping in Headfirst.",
"content": "Apple is a rock-solid company, but this doesn't mean prudent investors need to buy AAPL stock at any price.",
"source": "",
"updated": 1703041200

Request Parameters

  • symbol string

    The company's ticker symbol.

Response Attributes

  • s string

    Will always be ok when there is data for the symbol requested.

  • symbol array[string]

    The symbol of the stock.

  • headline array[string]

    The headline of the news article.

  • content array[string]

    The content of the article, if available.


    Please be aware that this may or may not include the full content of the news article. Additionally, it may include captions of images, copyright notices, syndication information, and other elements that may not be suitable for reproduction without additional filtering.

  • source array[url]

    The source URL where the news appeared.

  • publicationDate array[date]

    The date the news was published on the source website.