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Bulk Candles

Get bulk candle data for stocks. This endpoint returns bulk daily candle data for multiple stocks. Unlike the standard candles endpoint, this endpoint returns a single daily for each symbol provided. The typical use-case for this endpoint is to get a complete market snapshot during trading hours, though it can also be used for bulk snapshots of historical daily candles.




Request Example

Response Example

"s": "ok",
"symbol": ["AAPL", "META", "MSFT"],
"o": [196.16, 345.58, 371.49],
"h": [196.95, 353.6, 373.26],
"l": [195.89, 345.12, 369.84],
"c": [196.94, 350.36, 373.26],
"v": [40714051, 17729362, 20593658],
"t": [1703048400,1703048400,1703048400]

Request Parameters

  • resolution string The duration of each candle. Only daily candles are supported at this time.

    • Daily Resolutions: (daily, D, 1D)
  • symbols string The ticker symbols to return in the response, separated by commas. The symbols parameter may be omitted if the snapshot parameter is set to true.

Response Attributes

  • s string

    Will always be ok when there is data for the candles requested.

  • symbol string

    The ticker symbol of the stock.

  • o array[number]

    Open price.

  • h array[number]

    High price.

  • l array[number]

    Low price.

  • c array[number]

    Close price.

  • v array[number]


  • t array[number]

    Candle time (Unix timestamp, Exchange Timezone). Daily candles are returned at 00:00:00 without times.


  • Only stocks, ETFs, and closed-end funds are available via the bulkcandles endpoint. Mutual fund data is not avaialble via this endpoint.
  • The bulkcandles endpoint will consume one request for each symbol returned in the response.