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Get historical earnings per share data or a future earnings calendar for a stock.




Request Example

Response Example

"symbol": "AAPL",
"fiscalYear": 2023,
"fiscalQuarter": 1,
"date": 1672462800,
"reportDate": 1675314000,
"reportTime": "before market open",
"currency": "USD",
"reportedEPS": 1.88,
"estimatedEPS": 1.94,
"surpriseEPS": -0.06,
"surpriseEPSpct": -3.0928,
"updated": 1701690000

Request Parameters

  • symbol string

    The company's ticker symbol.

Response Attributes

  • s string

    Will always be ok when there is data for the symbol requested.

  • symbol array[string]

    The symbol of the stock.

  • fiscalYear array[number]

    The fiscal year of the earnings report. This may not always align with the calendar year.

  • fiscalQuarter array[number]

    The fiscal quarter of the earnings report. This may not always align with the calendar quarter.

  • date array[date]

    The last calendar day that corresponds to this earnings report.

  • reportDate array[date]

    The date the earnings report was released or is projected to be released.

  • reportTime array[string]

    The value will be either before market open, after market close, or during market hours.

  • currency array[string]

    The currency of the earnings report.

  • reportedEPS array[number]

    The earnings per share reported by the company. Earnings reported are typically non-GAAP unless the company does not report non-GAAP earnings.


    GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) earnings per share (EPS) count all financial activities except for discontinued operations and major changes in accounting methods. Non-GAAP EPS, on the other hand, typically doesn't include losses or devaluation of assets, and often leaves out irregular expenses like significant restructuring costs, large tax or legal charges, especially for companies not in the financial sector.

  • estimatedEPS array[number]

    The average consensus estimate by Wall Street analysts.

  • surpriseEPS array[number]

    The difference (in earnings per share) between the estimated earnings per share and the reported earnings per share.

  • surpriseEPSpct array[number]

    The difference in percentage terms between the estimated EPS and the reported EPS.

  • updated array[date]

    The date/time the earnings data for this ticker was last updated.