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The Market Data API uses a Bearer Token for authentication. The token is required for each request you make to the API. There are two ways to pass this token to the API with your requests:

  1. Header Authentication
  2. URL Parameter Authentication

We recommend using header-based authentication to ensure your token is not stored or cached. While Market Data makes a conscientious effort to delete tokens from our own server logs, we cannot guarantee that your token will not be stored by any of our third party cloud infrastructure partners.

Header Authentication

Add the token to the Authorization header using the word Bearer.

Code Examples

GET /v1/stocks/quotes/SPY/ HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {token}

URL Parameter Authentication

Add the token as a variable directly in the URL using the format token={token}. For example:{token}

If you associate a brokerage connection with a token, URL Parameter Authentication will be disabled for that token. Only Header Authentication will be allowed.

Demo The API With No Authentication

You can try stock, option, and index endpoints with several different symbols that are unlocked and do not require a token.

  • Try any stock endpoint with AAPL, no token required.
  • Try any option endpoint with any AAPL contract, for example: AAPL250117C00150000. No token required.
  • Try any index endpoint using VIX, no token required.