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High Usage

Get a current or historical end of day quote for a single options contract.




Request Example

Response Example

"s": "ok",
"optionSymbol": ["AAPL250117C00150000"],
"ask": [5.25],
"askSize": [57],
"bid": [5.15],
"bidSize": [994],
"mid": [5.2],
"last": [5.25],
"volume": [977],
"openInterest": [61289],
"underlyingPrice": [136.12],
"inTheMoney": [false],
"updated": [1665673292],
"iv": [0.3468],
"delta": [0.347],
"gamma": [0.015],
"theta": [-0.05],
"vega": [0.264],
"rho": [0.115],
"intrinsicValue": [13.88],
"extrinsicValue": [8.68]

Request Parameters

  • optionSymbol string

    The option symbol (as defined by the OCC) for the option you wish to lookup. Use the current OCC option symbol format, even for historic options that quoted before the format change in 2010.

Response Attributes

  • s string

    Status will always be ok when there is data for the quote requested.

  • optionSymbol array[string]

    The option symbol according to OCC symbology.

  • ask array[number]

    The ask price.

  • askSize array[number]

    The number of contracts offered at the ask price.

  • bid array[number]

    The bid price.

  • bidSize array[number]

    The number of contracts offered at the bid price.

  • mid array[number]

    The midpoint price between the ask and the bid, also known as the mark price.

  • last array[number]

    The last price negotiated for this option contract at the time of this quote.

  • volume array[number]

    The number of contracts negotiated during the trading day at the time of this quote.

  • openInterest array[number]

    The total number of contracts that have not yet been settled at the time of this quote.

  • underlyingPrice array[number]

    The last price of the underlying security at the time of this quote.

  • inTheMoney array[booleans]

    Specifies whether the option contract was in the money true or false at the time of this quote.

  • intrinsicValue array[number]

    The instrinisc value of the option.

  • extrnisicValue array[number]

    The extrinsic value of the option.

  • updated array[number]

    The date and time of this quote snapshot in Unix time.

  • iv array[number]

    The implied volatility of the option.

  • delta array[number]

    The delta of the option.

  • gamma array[number]

    The gamma of the option.

  • theta array[number]

    The theta of the option.

  • vega array[number]

    The vega of the option.

  • rho array[number]

    The rho of the option.