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HTTP Status Codes

The Market Data API uses standard HTTP status codes to respond to each request. By preparing your application to utilize these status codes, you can often times solve common errors, or retry failed requests.

Successful Requests (2xx)

These are requests that are answered successfully.


Some libraries are not prepared to handle HTTP 203 response codes as successful requests. Ensure the library you are using can accept a 203 response code the same way as a 200 response code.

  • 200 OK - Successfully answered the request.
  • 203 NON-AUTHORITATIVE INFORMATION - Successfully served the request from our caching server. Treat this result the same as STATUS 200.
  • 204 NO CONTENT - Indicates a successful request for explicitly requested cached data, but our cache server lacks cached data for the symbol requested. Resend the request using the live data feed.

Client Errors (4xx)

Client errors occur when Market Data cannot respond to a request due to a problem with the request. The request will need to be modified in order to get a different response.


If you believe your request is correct and you received a 4xx reply in error, please ensure you log our complete response to your request, including the full response headers along with the complete JSON error message we deliver in our reply. Open a ticket at our help desk and provide this information to our support staff and we will investigate further.

  • 400 BAD REQUEST - The API endpoint is not being used properly, often due to a parameter that cannot be parsed correctly (e.g., sending a string instead of a number or vice versa).
  • 401 UNAUTHORIZED - The token supplied with the request is missing, invalid, or cannot be used.
  • 402 PAYMENT REQUIRED - The requested action cannot be performed with your current plan, such as attempting to access historical data with a free plan or very old historical data with a Starter plan.
  • 404 NOT FOUND - No data exists for the requested symbol or time period. Consider trying a different symbol or timeframe.
  • 429 TOO MANY REQUESTS - The daily request limit for your account has been exceeded. New requests will be allowed at 9:30 AM ET (opening bell).

Server Errors (5xx)

Server errors are used to indicate problems with Market Data's service. They are requests that appear to be properly formed, but can't be responded to due to some kind of problem with our servers.

Permanent Failures

  • 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR - An unknown server issue prevents Market Data from responding to your request. Open a ticket with the helpdesk and include the Ray ID of the request.

Temporary Failures

Most 5xx errors are temporary and resolve themselves on their own. Please retry requests that receive 5xx errors at a later time and they will probably be successful.

  • 502 BAD GATEWAY - Market Data's API server does not respond to the gateway, indicating the API is offline or unreachable.
  • 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE - Market Data's API server is accessible but cannot fulfill the request, usually due to server overload. Retry the request in a few minutes.
  • 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT - Market Data's load balancer received no response from the API, suggesting the request is taking too long to resolve. Retry in 1-2 minutes and report to the helpdesk if the issue persists.
  • 509 API ENDPOINT OVERLOADED - The endpoint is currently overloaded. Retry in a few minutes and report to the helpdesk if the issue continues for more than 15 minutes.
  • 521 API ENDPOINT OFFLINE - The Market Data API endpoint expected to respond is offline. Report to the helpdesk if this persists for more than 15 minutes.
  • 524 A TIMEOUT OCCURRED - The Market Data API failed to provide an HTTP response before the default 100-second connection timeout, possibly due to server overload or resource struggles. Contact support if this continues for more than 15 minutes.
  • 529 DATABASE OFFLINE - The database is offline, overloaded, or not responding. Contact [email protected] or submit a ticket if this error persists for more than 15 minutes.
  • 530 DATABASE ERROR - The request resulted in a database error. Contact [email protected] or submit a ticket with your API request details.
  • 598 API GATEWAY OFFLINE - The gateway server is not responding or is unavailable. Report to the helpdesk if this issue continues for more than 15 minutes.