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Debug Formula

If you are having problems using or installing Market Data, the debug() formula can help you determine what problem might be occuring. Follow the steps below to debug your Market Data installation in any spreadsheet:

  1. Add a new sheet to your workbook.
  2. Run the =debug() in any empty cell.
  3. Compare the output of the formula with the table below. If any errors are reported, click on the link to learn more about how to fix it.

Debug Output

After running the debug() frormula, compare the output of your formula to the table below. If the output from the formula matches something in the Error Output column, click for additional details.

=debug()Expected OutputError Output
Market Data StatusOnlineOffline
Version0.115 (or newer)Blank
User Key~75 charactersBlank
Last Health CheckToday's DateBlank or Previous Date

Additional Resources