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Feature Requests

Market Data is extremely customer-focused and we want our products and services to satisfy our users. Please make sure to visit our Product Roadmap to see what we have planned along with our Feature Request Board to submit or upvote your own ideas.

Feature Request Procedure

Any user can make a feature request with their Market Data account. Just visit the Feature Request Board and add your requested feature. If enough people upvote it, we'll consider adding your feature to a future version of Market Data.

Urgent Feature Requests

If you urgently need a specific feature and are willing to pay to have it implemented immediately, please let us know. For features that would demand less than 2 days of developer time, we can normally accommodate these requests if you subscribe to a yearly Trader plan (at a cost of $348.00) or extend an existing membership by another year. If you are hesitating to sign-up to Market Data because you need a specific feature that we do not currently offer, we encourage you to contact us to see if we can implement your feature request as an urgent feature.

Urgent Feature Guarantee

If we agree to your urgent feature request in return for a new subscription or an upgrade of an existing subscription, we'll implement your feature request within 14 days. If we fail to meet the deadline, your Market Data account will be free until we deploy the feature you've paid for.