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Get the past, present, or future status for a stock market for a single date or multiple dates. The formula will respond with "open" for trading days or "closed" for weekends or market holidays.

Sample Usage



MARKETSTATUS(country, [attributes], start date, end date)
  • country (OPTIONAL) The two-letter country code. Currently only the US is supported.

  • [attributes] (OPTIONAL) Use one or more of the following attributes:

    • "date" – The date that the market was either open or closed.
    • "status" – The status of the market, either open or closed.
    • "all" – Returns all values.
  • start date (OPTIONAL) The start date when fetching the market's status. If start date is specified, but end date is not, only the single day’s data is returned.

  • end date (OPTIONAL) The end date when fetching the market's status, or the number of calendar days (not trading days) from the start date from which to return data.



All parameters must be enclosed in quotation marks or be references to cells containing text. A possible exception is when end date is specified as a number of days.